The Ultimate Guide to Buying a new Toothbrush! Manual vs. Electric?

Posted : 25/08/2015

Several times a week, I’m asked my thoughts on whether a patient should switch from using a traditional toothbrush, or as I like to refer to them “The toothbrush of yesterday” to some of the new fancy electric toothbrushes that now dominate the market and shelves in most drugstores. Is there a real difference? Are they better? Will my oral hygiene improve with the upgrade? Is it worth the money? And if so, which brand I prefer?

My family and myself have all made the switch to an electric toothbrush several years ago and have never looked back. That’s not to say that traditional toothbrushes are bad, or there is no place for them, I just prefer all the conveniences that my electric toothbrush gives me. Below are some of the pros to help you with your decision:

  1. An electric toothbrush keeps your teeth, gums, and tongue cleaner and healthier:

Since a very young age, we’ve been taught to brush our teeth thoroughly. Despite our best efforts, this is not possible because the bristles on the “toothbrush of yesterday” cannot reach and remove all the built-up plaque and tartar between your teeth. The electric toothbrushes rotating head features bristles that can reach further thanks to the combination of motion and equal pressure from the brush itself. Equal pressure is important – More brushers than not apply a greater amount of pressure to one side versus the other, struggling to keep both sides of their mouths equally clean. As an example, right-handed brushers typically apply more pressure to the left side of their mouths than the right. That’s where my next point comes in:

  1. For a longer, more thorough brushing experience, there is no comparison. The electric toothbrush is king.

Most, if not all electronic toothbrushes are set for equal time for each quadrant, which ensures for a better, longer brushing experience and a greater, cleaner feeling. Kids are the greatest beneficiaries of electric toothbrushes. They have a timer that tells them when to switch quadrants, they love the massage and tickling feeling they receive from the soft bristles and it helps make sure that all the left over food from earlier day is removed. Also, if your child wears braces, the electrics bristles and timer allow for a more thorough cleaning for in between the brackets.

  1. An electric toothbrush is a great way to fight gingivitis and gum disease,

An electric toothbrush is an excellent tool in the fight against gingivitis and gum disease in your mouth. How? An electric toothbrush can find those hard to reach places that you miss with a manual toothbrush. You’re not just brushing longer and better but you’re brushing smarter, too.

My preference is the Philips Sonicare DiamondClean. They are durable (I’ve had mine for over two years), slim so they fit into most drawers, come in several pretty colors which look cool near the sink, come with a travel kit, two heads and a charger. Regarding pricing, I recommend asking your dentist if they sell them because they often receive discounts that make buying them at the office cheaper than in the store or ordering it online. Happy brushing ????

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